PCB Process

PCB Process

With a comprehensive list of deliverables, a full host of capabilities and a proven process, 7Core has the expertise and experience to rise to any electronics challenge presented to us.


  • Gerber Data 274X and/or ODB++

  • Position Reports

  • BOM Report

  • Drill / Tooling Data

  • Allegro Database

  • Assembly Drawing

  • Fabrication Drawing

  • OrCAD Schematic Database

  • Custom deliverables provided to
    fit your requests
Schematic Capture

7Core provides schematic capture services on the OrCad Capture tools. Our services include schematic capture per your guidance and instructions to build up a schematic along with a detailed build of materials (BOM) for your review and approval. Let us take this tedious task off your hands so you can focus on higher priorities.

Layout Capabilities
  • Mother Boards
  • Peripherals
  • Memory Cards
  • Telecommunication
  • Backplanes
  • Power Management
  • Rigid – Flex / Flex Boards
  • Prototype Projects
  • Production Projects
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) Boards
  • Audio / Video
  • WIFI
  • RF
  • Down in Hole
  • Medical
  • You name it, we have seen it or will overcome it!
CAM Check

7Core utilizes Downstream CAM350 for its CAM checks. We also offer this quality checking service to our customers that choose to design their own layouts but desire that manufacturing peace of mind prior to releasing files for manufacturing.


We offer you our assistance with our extensive knowledge of the manufacturing vendor processes to provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution.

You can rely on our experience and knowledge to help determine optimal material selection, stack-up and controlled impedance models, current carrying capacities, finishes, and a whole host of high speed digital and mixed signal design issues.